IPhone 6s premiered in 2015, people typically purchase the iPhone due to its smoothness/fluidity, the simplicity of use and the type of software service that Apple supplies, which is OS upgrades. How Apple is still promoting the iPhone 6s, a four-year-old mobile phone, is a testament of just how great that the iPhone 6s is. With the recently-announced iPhone XS and XS Max, it is possible to anticipate the iPhone 6s to have a dip into new affordability.

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Apple is still selling brand new Apple iPhone 6s (32GB) – Gold – Rs. 28,999/- on Amazon & you can buy a used one at Rs.15,000/-.

Recent research by analytics firm Mixpanel affirmed this idea by suggesting the iPhone 6S is now the 2nd most in-use iPhone version on the planet. Secondly, to the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6S is significantly more popular than the iPhone 8 along with iPhone X with 13.01 per cent of the iPhone market share. Nevertheless, The iPhone 6s has exceptional functionality, a leading camera, along with a fantastic screen. However, some specs on the iPhone 8 along with iPhone X just do not exist around the iPhone 6s, such as water resistance and many augmented-reality programs. The iPhone 6s is a good instance of the recent iPhones have longer lifespans in regards to functionality, and we do not want to spend top dollar to the newest versions.

Should You Buy iPhone 6S in 2019?

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Top 05 Reasons to have the Iphone 6s in 2019

1. The iPhone 6S is your very final iPhone model using a headset jack. That small 3.5millimeter headset jack may be the most evident reason why some users are holding on their iPhone 6S.
If the headset jack matters for you, the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE are the only options if you would like to adhere to a real dongle-less iPhone encounter.

2. The iPhone 6S Has Been the first to Add many features Which Are still Utilised in the newest declared iPhone versions. By way of instance, the 6S has been the first to comprise Live Photos. It had been the beginning of Apple’s smartphones to supply 3D Touch. Although other facets of this iPhone camera happen to be updated in future versions, the 6S was the first using a 12-megapixel camera, and Apple has maintained that as the norm for most new iPhones, for instance, brand new iPhone XR. Selfies also became reasonably good with all the iPhone 6S, since the front-facing camera jumped out of 1.2-megapixels in the prior iteration to five megapixels. This was a massive jump in quality and very frankly, just good even for the current selfie criteria.

3. The iPhone 6s have metal Casings, which Will Not shatter Such as the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X’s glass back to the brand new iPhone 8 Additionally, it usually means the glass back can break following a fall, like the iPhone 4 along with iPhone 4s could. An iPhone 8 using a glass rear and it smashed, regardless of the fact I had it under the protective case. The iPhone 6s’ aluminium rear will not crack like glass. It may get dings and dents following a fall, but it is not as likely to crack or break like the iPhone 8 or iPhone X could.

4. The display on the iPhone 6s phones remains terrific. Apple included a lot of new developments to iPhone displays on the iPhone 8 along with iPhone X, such as TrueTone that corrects the entire colour temperature to match the light on your surroundings and a broad colour gamut for more vibrant colours. The Iphone6s has a 4.7-inch Retina screen with 326 pixels per inch LCD, but not super vibrant as an OLED screen.
The text is really sharp, and this screen plays back video in a reasonably enjoyable rate as it’s 16 by 9 at the aspect ratio significance you are watching the video at the way most individuals are shooting it at 16 by 9 in their camera. The display on that cellphone has the exact same resolution and sharpness as the new iPhone 8, and it reproduces colours just good for surfing the internet, apps, watching movies, looking at photographs, and playing games, so unquestionably a reasonably good screen all around. The iPhone X’s display brings the most critical improvements using its flatter and bigger 5.8-inch screen, but again, you will not feel as if you’re missing out on much once you’re holding the iPhone 6s.

5. Iphone Service at an apple service centre can be nightmares as, through time, iPhone repairs have become increasingly intricate. But Third-party Service centres can handle the job quite easy and cost-effective.