Nowadays, most of us use smartwatches which have many features, especially the Apple Watches. The Apple Watch has the most functional smartwatch on the market. Here are some interesting facts you need to know about the apple watch.

Can an apple watch connect without iPhone?

The Apple watches only be companions to iPhones. You cannot even connect with other apple products like iPad, MacBook or Apple TV.  However, you can do few things without an iPhone but with the internet.

  • Siri
  • Voice-over-IP calls
  • iMessage
  • Internet-based audio apps
  • Use any apps that need an internet connection

Uses of Health sensor

The Apple watches can monitor your heartbeat. Additionally, it can monitor your heart’s rhythm as well. Apple watches help to maintain your sleeping time and encourage you to wash your hands. Another interesting thing about the Apple watch is that if it detects your heart has not been beating for a minute. It will send a message and location to your emergency numbers. However, it is only less than fifty per cent works accurately.

Three apple watches

Not one, there are three different models of Apple watches on the market.

  1. Series 7: It is the most durable apple watch which has the most advanced features like measuring your blood oxygen level and taking an ECG.
  2. SE: It has a bigger display and has more advanced features than series 3.
  3. Series 3: It is the least price Apple watch which has advanced heart-monitoring features.

Battery life

Approximately the battery life should last up to 18 hours. But in apple’s presentation, they didn’t mention battery life they are telling that still working on it. Charge time will be around 2 hours with the apple fast charging cable. A test conducted in 2017 by Apple using series 3 model apple watch demonstrate that It will be varied depending on the settings & environmental factors.

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